Swing State Florida (2020) – A vision of America at the crossroads. In select release.

Harmony: Latvian Democracy on Russia’s Border (April 2019) – With Russian Meddling on the rise, the Latvian election is in one week…

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Breaking Point: The United States & Mexico at the Ballot Box (February 2019) A journey through critical elections in these two North American countries. This is democracy at a crossroads.

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The Fight for West Virginia (January 2019) It’s 2018, and the US lurches towards a critical mid-term election. In West Virginia, State Senator Richard Ojeda, a former Army Major, runs for Congress as a Democrat in a deeply Republican district. Can he flip a red seat blue?

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The People’s Choice: Mexico, MORENA, and the 2018 Election (December 2018) From the badlands of Juarez to remote indigenous territories of Oaxaca, we track the rise of Morena, and what it means for the future of Mexican democracy.


No Collar Economy: Argentina (July 2018) Digital tools are changing the future of work in Argentina, and the lessons learned will reverberate throughout the Americas.

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Disrupting Democracy: Italy’s 2018 Election (May 2018) Italy’s 2018 election proved to be the latest shock to western democracies. Why did Italian voters risk putting their future in the hands of untested populists? This is Italy’s 2018 election – and it is disrupting democracy. 

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Digital Mozambique (March 2018) – From colonization, to civil war to a post-conflict health crisis, Mozambique faced a turbulent 20th century. Can it flip the script in the 21st? This film follows the country’s young tech leaders as they forge an identity for Mozambique in the global digital revolution.

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The Crossroads India (September 2017) – India has emerged as a global leader in growth. But has it been growth for all? From the heights of Mumbai to the forgotten Tribal Lands, this film dives into these complex questions

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Cuba’s Digital Revolution (August 2017) – For decades, Cuba has been shielded from the digital revolution that has spread around the world. But that is changing. This film captures a critical moment for a country in transition. 

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The Crossroads: Inside US – Mexican Trade (May 2017) It’s a relationship that has deeply influenced the economies of both partners, and has emerged as a line of scrimmage in the international debate on globalization. Who are the winners? Who are the losers? From Juarez to the White House, we go inside.


The Crossroads Turkey (January 2017) Sure, Turkey is at a geographical crossroads – but this is bigger than that. From the streets of Istanbul to the front line with Syria, host Samuel George goes inside Turkey at a Crossroads.